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you can't save yourself from growing up Nov. 1st, 2005 @ 09:52 pm
So I'm reading livejournal and listening to the kids talk on the street and I want to puke. I am disturbed at their chubby faces and beer guts. I will pass on your sad existance of some sloppy drunk......grow up, or better yet just turn into your white trash old man....cuddle up with a budwiser and watch tv. It's some sick community some sort of exceptance group......living in a dead year (sorry man it's not cool). If you want to drink a beer go ahead you don't need to anounce it, because no one cares that you drink or your drunk.

After I say all this I digress I am an adult and I'm over it
Bitter no over it yes

never update your account until you have something to say Oct. 29th, 2005 @ 06:09 pm
It was very unexpected and I didn't even see it coming, it just hit me smashed me into the ground. I couldn't be more mad in my life the foolish part is....it's all my fault. The wires got crossed in my brain in our brains.......blah the whole thing is a mush. The rummble of feburary is coming closer and swalling my heart, if just for a moment the month could put all pain to rest. The expectations of everything remaing the same is over, nothing can seperate the past from the present. Everything looks good on paper, the thoughts are in order but the body is loopy, twisted, confused, with out complexity it blackens the mind. Seperation and flight are ways for the mind to servive and overcome any future torture. Closure is not sought only further investigation of the events that didn't take place or did they what were they again......that right you can't ever pinpoint the time or place you just know that it's already too late. Yes I do hate you, yes I really do hate you.....only because .....you

This entry is for Troy (the only man i've ever meet who runs from love)

Fucking Jesus Christ Mar. 15th, 2005 @ 09:29 pm
I wish everyone would just keep their comments inside. Why do I care, no I don't care what you have to say or what you think. Maybe the one eye guy was right when he said something was up with SF, he said he didn't like it because people were weird, or maybe they just are too smart. They are so smart they think that everyone gives a crap about what they have to say. I hate the one eye guy, he is annoying and gives off this creep vibe. The other day I was on my bike riding in the bike lane, but it was against traffic...and some spandex warrior tells me to get on the other side. Fuck you I want to be on the other side, but you know I can't cause it's sunny and the cars aren't stopping...so yeah I will be late for work....enjoy your day off, I know you drove up here with your bike, I know your not late for work, I know your bike cost over a grand and you equipment cost even more, thank you for telling me what to do, I hope your bike gets lifted, I hope I never see you again. Did I mention I was late for work, that I use my bike to get around. Just keep it to yourself and live in a bubble. Blah blah blah....it's all just noise

Todays Case
I fucking hate Christians
Fucking Jesus Christ
thats a name of a band, I don't know where they are from but that's the name and my co-worker but a flier on my locker so I would go to the show. I didn't make it to the show, but our DM saw it and wrote me a final warning....to be honest when I saw the flyer I saw a dinosaur she saw Jesus christ, no it's a dinosaur with a map in the background. She was offended and thought it was threating.

shop with me with the masses Mar. 9th, 2005 @ 10:01 pm
Today I went to forever 21 with my Liz and Hannah. Liz had to go shopping and I needed new pants so we are off. This Forever 21 place is located right downtown, and it's full of crap and clothes that will last about a month. I didn't find anything and all the pants had flared bottoms. Liz ran away cause she was so overwhelmed, just waiting for the dressing room took 20 min. I don't ever want to compete for clothes with teenage girls, and I think I'm over 21 and I don't want to be 21 forever.


whats new Feb. 26th, 2005 @ 10:03 pm
I went to the Secret machines show and it rocked, the moving units opened up for them and then can this big light show of colors and music...amazing.

2/23 I went to the Mates of State show at Slims they are part of the noise pop fest....oh it was beautiful, Mates of State is made up of a couple who have a baby and make happy I Love You music, it just shows that true love/ romance does exist.

2/23 Work is getting better, were not in the trash and we have a new CEO and Regional Manager, they both have amazing ideas and I think this is a change in the right direction. Liz is going to stay on board, the new DM isn't breathing down our backs and the store performance is getting better. In the case about the money, being missing stolen and then returned....no one knows who is doing it, so we all are getting written up (this hasn't happened yet, and we haven't had any other missing money issues.)

Today was an art day, I woke up and painted the table in the living room pink and white, then fixed the cover for the couch and sewed through my finger and got blood on everything....so I can't type very well with this bandaid on.
I didn't go to hot hot heat, eventhough I had a ticket Jessica found someone else to go with, I really needed to just say at home and paint.
-Thanks mom for doing my taxes
I Love You

2/25 Get suff done day
* got a new coffee pot, we now have two broken coffee pots
* food shopping
* banking
* get tickets for..........

Death from Above 3/28 @ the Independant

I still need to get tickets for OK GO and maybe Ambulance LTD playing with Autolux

Talk to you later Love Angela
by the way work today was good and everything balenced as it should, I'm not afraid of losing my job, but I'm not about to let my guard down or by all means slack....well I'm just not that kind of person.
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Babie of the 80's

I grew up on five-alive and transformers and slip-n-slide, Toy's R Us and Chuck-e-Cheeze.  Disco out and techno in to syntheszie my favorite sin, and her I am on my knees to get it back again.

Babies of the 80's

Little girls in lycra shorts, tented beds, nerf contact sports.....my babies of the 80's. Shout it out just one more time for the generation that was all mine.  We learned to crawl on linoleum floors, Ronald Regan fauht Star Wars, but he'll never be Han Solo.  Students march Tienemen Square.  They took him out hey that's not fair, Dad said it's good to be free, as we watched from our t.v. 

Babies of the 80's

We watched the wall fall down, we work up early for Bozo the clown, MTV and Nick at Nite and I slept for the first time without the light.

Who knew this could be something after all.....


Thank you the end.  This computer has to be the worst thing in the world to type on, I have to twist my body up to write....and it hurts,......so goodnight.

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Why Are YOu SO WeIrD

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Fannypack....that's right....Williamsburg?.....Hipsters?.......

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