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Fucking Jesus Christ - See You Soon

About Fucking Jesus Christ

Previous Entry Fucking Jesus Christ Mar. 15th, 2005 @ 09:29 pm Next Entry
I wish everyone would just keep their comments inside. Why do I care, no I don't care what you have to say or what you think. Maybe the one eye guy was right when he said something was up with SF, he said he didn't like it because people were weird, or maybe they just are too smart. They are so smart they think that everyone gives a crap about what they have to say. I hate the one eye guy, he is annoying and gives off this creep vibe. The other day I was on my bike riding in the bike lane, but it was against traffic...and some spandex warrior tells me to get on the other side. Fuck you I want to be on the other side, but you know I can't cause it's sunny and the cars aren't stopping...so yeah I will be late for work....enjoy your day off, I know you drove up here with your bike, I know your not late for work, I know your bike cost over a grand and you equipment cost even more, thank you for telling me what to do, I hope your bike gets lifted, I hope I never see you again. Did I mention I was late for work, that I use my bike to get around. Just keep it to yourself and live in a bubble. Blah blah blah....it's all just noise

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I fucking hate Christians
Fucking Jesus Christ
thats a name of a band, I don't know where they are from but that's the name and my co-worker but a flier on my locker so I would go to the show. I didn't make it to the show, but our DM saw it and wrote me a final warning....to be honest when I saw the flyer I saw a dinosaur she saw Jesus christ, no it's a dinosaur with a map in the background. She was offended and thought it was threating.
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